#MéndezPrinciples: Promoting alternatives to coercive interrogations

This is the second episode in a series exploring  the Méndez Principles on Effective Interviewing: a new tool to help end coercive interviewing. 

The Méndez Principles are designed to support investigators collect reliable information – not a confession – using rapport-based interviewing techniques. They also uphold the rights of those being interviewed by ensuring that key safeguards are respected in practice. 

Our guest, Ruth Ssekindi, is a highly experienced lawyer working with the Uganda Human Rights Commission. Her work involves monitoring police stations, prisons and other places of detention across the country. She knows the experiences of detainees and has been a vocal advocate to end torture and ill-treatment. She also understands how and why police in her country work the way they do.

Find out more about the Méndez Principles.