Bringing the Méndez Principles to life

This episode is the fourth in our series on the Méndez Principles on Effective Interviewing: a new approach to prevent torture. The Principles aim to end accusatory, coercive and confession-driven practices during investigations; practices we know can lead to torture and ill-treatment.

In this podcast, we are delighted to share a special conversation between the two individuals responsible for bringing the Méndez Principles to life: former UN Special Rapporteur on torture, Juan Méndez, and former APT Secretary General, Mark Thomson. 

Together, they co-chaired the Steering Committee established to develop what would become the Principles on Effective Interviewing for Investigations and Information Gathering, with input from experts and practitioners across the globe.

Mark and Juan discuss the motivation for establishing the Principles, the process and challenges of drafting them, and how the Principles add value to efforts in all countries, regardless of legal culture or tradition, to prevent torture and ill-treatment.

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