"Action Toolkit" on safeguards to prevent torture in Thailand

This action toolkit aims to empower individuals in Thailand to know their rights on two key safeguards against torture: the right to notify a family member and the right to be informed about one's rights upon arrest.

When observed, these rights can play a vital role in the prevention of torture or other abuse. In fact, global research has shown that such safeguards have the highest impact in reducing the risk of torture and ill-treatment for detainees, compored to other measures. A baseline study conducted by the APT in Thailand showed that these rights are guaranteed in law, but that there is a gap between law and practice, leaving detainees at risk. 

Designed to change this, the toolkit provides essential information and advice on what people should do when arrested and the protocol law enforcement officers must follow when they arrest someone.

The APT's Safeguards in Thailand project is funded by the United Kingdom's Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the République et Canton de Génève.

The toolkit is available in English, Thai and Malay below.