Méndez Principles: Shifting mindsets for effective interviewing

This episode is the first in a series on the Méndez Principles on Effective Interviewing: a new tool to help end coercive interviewing.

The Méndez Principles are designed to support investigators collect reliable information – not a confession – using rapport-based interviewing techniques. They also uphold the rights of those being interviewed by ensuring that key safeguards are respected in practice.

Our guest in this episode is Wilder Tayler, who was part of the Drafting group of the Méndez Principles. He’s worked for organisations like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the International Commission of Jurists. He was also a founding member of the UN Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture. In Uruguay, he leads the National Preventive Mechanism, visiting places of detention all over the country and advocating for changes to address the risk factors that lead to torture.

In this conversation with our Deputy Secretary General, he shares interesting insights about the added value of the Principles for oversight mechanisms and for law enforcement agents.


The Méndez Principles are currently available in multiple languages – including ArabicEnglishFilipinoFrenchMalaySpanish, and Portuguese – with more to be added.

Further resources on the Principles are available online, including information on how to support the Principles, as well as a video series featuring insights from police and international human rights experts.