Combattre la torture à Madagascar (2012)

Combattre la torture à Madagascar : Guide pour la mise en oeuvre efficace de la Convention des Nations Unies et de la loi nationale contre la torture

The APT, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice in Madagascar, and thanks to the financial support of the Franco-Malagasy cooperation, has published a guide on the presentation and interpretation of the UN Convention and the national legislation against torture.

This guide is a tool for national actors to facilitate and encourage the implementation of these legal instruments for the effectiveness of the prohibition and prevention of torture in practice.

This publication is an outcome of the joint efforts undertaken by the APT and its national partners, following a seminar in 2009 on the implementation of the Convention and domestic law. The guide represents a solid basis on which the APT and its Malagasy partners, including the Ministry of Justice and ACAT Madagascar, want to build their future awareness raising and training actions on the prohibition and prevention of torture in Madagascar.