Societies without torture or ill-treatment


  • Mobilise against torture through prevention: we generate support for prevention from international, regional and national State and non-State actors
  • Engage relevant actors in constructive dialogue: we facilitate cooperation between many stakeholders to identify specific and sustainable solutions to prevent tortureand ill-treatment
  • Support national efforts to protect persons at risk: we offer strategic advice, tools and expertise to our partners working at the national level to prevent torture and ill-treatment
  • Drive new thinking and analysis: we inspire action to prevent torture and ill-treatment through our ongoing research into its risk factors and root causes


The APT is an international independent non-governmental organisation guided by strong values that form the basis of our identity and our work:

  • Commitment: We know that preventing torture is essential to protecting human dignity, as well as for building good governance and peaceful and inclusive societies.
  • Inclusion & equality: We place non-discriminationat the centre of our mission and promote diversity and inclusion in our work.
  • Integrity and transparency: We work impartially and independent of political, economic, or sectarian interests.We are open and accountable to our partners, supporters and beneficiaries for what we do and how we do it.
  • PartnershipsWe strategically engage, ally and collaborate with a plurality of actors to develop sustainable prevention strategies. We call on duty bearers to meet their responsibilities and empower rights-holders to assert for their rights. We strengthen the capacity of both, careful to avoid dependence on our advice and support.
  • Quality and perseveranceWe strive for excellence in seeking solutions to prevent torture and ill-treat and in demonstrating the added value of torture prevention. We recognise this work requires long-term vision and we focus our efforts accordingly.
  • Continuous learning and creativity: We share skills, knowledge, experiences and perspectives across all areas of our work. We learn from our partners and encourage innovation and new thinking. We continually explore different ways to measure the impact of our work and use these lessons to build new actions.