Over the course of the past decade, we have advocated for greater action to improve the situation in Argentina’s places of detention. Since the establishment of the National Committee to Prevent Torture in 2018, we have undertaken activities alongside civil society and national institutions to strengthen its functions.

OPCAT Status
OPCAT Ratification: Monday, November 15, 2004
UNCAT Ratification: Wednesday, September 24, 1986
NPM Designated: National System to Prevent Torture, comprising: National Committee for the Prevention of Torture (composed of 13 members, including the Ombudsperson for Federal Prisons (Procurador Penitenciario de la Nación); a Federal Council of Local Preventive Mechanisms; Local preventive mechanisms (to be designated) in each of the 24 provinces; and public institutions and NGOs interested in the compliance of the OPCAT’s goals.