Art speaks to our hearts and helps us see the world from a new perspective. Through their work, artists can connect with the community and share an unequivocal message against torture.

This is why we first launched the Artists Against Torture initiative in 1992 when 19 contemporary artists joined forces to produce a portfolio of lithographs.

Today, the APT is joining forces with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), to revive this great initiative and has created a new association Artists against Torture. The Association will invite renowned contemporary artists to donate a work that conveys a strong message against torture. 

Discover ACT 2022 by Alfredo Jaar

Donald Judd, No title, Woodcut, 2 colours; Paper: Tumba Zorn, natural white, 300g, 60x80 cm. Printer: Stoob, Steinbruck, St Gallen. 1993. Association Artists against Torture.