Joint statement marking the international day in support of victims of torture

Six points of hope to reduce the risks of torture in police custody in Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand

The Association for Prevention of Torture (APT), Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM), Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF) have joined hands to prevent torture in police custody in Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. Through these 3.5 years of cooperation, national and regional activities enhancing oversight in police detention, police practices and public narratives that reject torture will be conducted. They aim to build a stronger synergy for torture prevention in the three countries as well as the region.

In conjunction with the International Day to commemorate torture victims, the collaboration released a joint statement, reinforcing the importance of torture prevention through Six Points of Hope. The six points propose key actions that can be undertaken by everyone to prevent torture. In addition to that, SUARAM will also be launching a cartoon competition for youth in Malaysia, one of the many creative activities that will be implemented under the project.

Shazeera Zawawi

The full joint statement and six points of hope can be found below in Malay, Filipino and Thai.