Torture Prevention in Turkey

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Date: 02-03 June 2007 Place: Van, Turkey Partners: Foundation for Society and Legal Studies (TOHAV)

Purpose: The APT returned to Turkey for the fifth time in less than two years to promote the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention against Torture as a human rights instrument. An APT representative spoke at a torture prevention round-table organized by the Turkish NGO, Foundation for Society and Legal Studies (TOHAV), held in the city of Van, South East Turkey on 2-3 June 2007. A range of other issues were broached during the event including the definition of torture, how to medically document acts of torture as well as how to interview victims of abuse. The participants were also asked to engage in a series of scenarios concerning persons who had been tortured in order to practice their reporting skills. The event was the second of two torture prevention seminars organised by TOHAV, the first of which took place in Istanbul in November 2006 in which the APT also participated.

Documents: Event Program

Contact Person: Matthew Pringle, APT Europe & Central Asia Programme Officer