Promotion of Human Rights in the Iraqi Police Sector and Penal System

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Date: 16 May 2007
Berlin, Germany
Partners: Inwent
Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights
Purpose: Training of Trainers from Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights and other relevant government officials.

The German government is offering capacity building for middle-level employees from the Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights and other relevant Ministries on the above topic. The programme runs over several years and involves study tours to Germany and the production of training materials to be used for capacity building programs in Iraq. The programme is implemented by Inwent (Capacity Building International, Germany).

The APT was invited to Berlin to run a one day session on Monitoring Places of Detention. The session included presentations and interactive exercises and encourage participants to use such exercises in their training programs.

APT increased its knowledge about the detention monitoring conducted by the Human Rights Monitoring Team of the Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights, which includes 40 staff members, who have access to all places of detention under the responsibility of the Government of Iraq and the Multinational Forces. Contact Person: Esther