Mauritania: Supporting the NPM’s strategic thinking

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

As part of its cooperation and support programme with Mauritania’s National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) against torture, the APT facilitated a brainstorming workshop on the essential elements of the preventive mandate. For three days, the NPM and APT were able to discuss the specific aspects of the NPM’s mandate, in order to strengthen its strategic planning and identify its institutional development needs.

For the Mauritanian NPM, created in April 2016 – and thus already possessing some experience in the implementation of its preventive mandate, including in monitoring places of deprivation of liberty – it was a key moment to consolidate its structure; discuss a common vision among its members; identify the main challenges related to its mandate; and define appropriate working methods. Building on its unique experience with NPMs around the world, the APT visited Nouadhibou from 1-4 October to facilitate these institutional discussions.

"The discussions were fruitful as they enabled the establishment of a framework and the identification of key priorities for the Mauritanian NPM in 2019, while also insisting on institutional development and the clarification of internal procedures in order to be more effective," said APT’s MENA Programme Officer, Yasmine Shams.

A strategic partner of the Mauritanian NPM since its inception, the APT is committed to supporting the new mechanism in the effective implementation of its mandate, and in particular to strengthening the capacity of its members to fulfil their mission to prevent torture and other ill-treatment. Institutional reinforcement is an integral part of this support, as experience has shown that the effective establishment of an NPM is a continuous process that evolves over time. It is therefore essential to regularly review the operational aspects of the NPM in order to guarantee the impact of its preventive work and evaluate its effectiveness.

The Mauritanian NPM is composed of 12 members, and a President, and was established by a law adopted in September 2015.

The APT has been active in Mauritania since 2011. It supports the NPM in the effective implementation of its mandate thanks to the continued support of the City of Geneva.

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