Government of South Africa ratifies the OPCAT

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

On 20 June 2019, the Government of South Africa ratified the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture, an important step forward in the prevention of torture in the country. 

After originally signing the OPCAT in September 2006, and following Parliamentary approval earlier this year, the Government formally deposited the instrument of ratification late last week. 

APT has accompanied South Africa on its journey to OPCAT ratification for well over a decade. Working in the country since 2002, primarily through a long-standing partnership with the South Africa Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), APT has advocated for torture prevention and ratification of the OPCAT, and has provided technical support and advice. 

With this important milestone now accomplished, APT and its staff look forward to continuing our work on torture prevention with the Government of South Africa, the SAHRC and others as they move into implementation, beginning with the designation of a National Preventive Mechanism

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