Chile - OPCAT Situation

OPCAT Status

OPCAT ratification date
Uncat ratification Date
NPM Type

National Human Rights Commission

NPM Designated

National Human Rights Institute (Instituto Nacional de Derechos Humanos)

NPM Structure

The establishment of the NPM remains pending.

The National Human Rights Institute was established by law on 24 November 2009. The Institute is managed by a Council and a Director and includes a National Consultative Council. The current legislation does not entail any specific provision on the NPM.

The Council of the NHRI comprises 11 members, elected for 6 years: 2 members designated by the President of the Republic:

  • 2 members designated by the Senate
  • 2 members designated by the members of the Lower House
  • 1 member designated by the deans of Law faculties
  • 4 members designated by human rights organisations registered with the NHRI

The Ministry of Interior registered human rights organisations and institutions which expressed an interest in selecting the members of the Council. Only organisations and institutions with legal personality and a specific human rights mandate could be registered.

Annual reports

The NHRI produces an annual report, to be presented to the President of the Republic, the Congress and the President of the Supreme Court. The annual reports are available here.