Bolivia - OPCAT Situation

OPCAT Status

OPCAT ratification date
UNCAT ratification Date
NPM Type

Ombuds Institution

NPM Designated

Ombudsman's Office of Bolivia

Bolivia ratified the OPCAT in 2006 and in December 2013 it adopted national legislation establishing the Service for the Prevention of Torture, a body attached to the Ministry of Justice, to perform the NPM mandate. The NPM started to be operational in July 2016.

In 2021, the Bolivian Senate published Law No.1397 which transferred the NPM powers from the Service for the Prevention of Torture to the Bolivian Ombudsman’s Office.

The SPT visited Bolivia in September 2010 and carried out a second visit in May 2017. The report of the first visit is still confidential.

The SPT member who is the SPT Focal Point for Bolivia is available here.