We began working in South Africa in 2002 with the historic Robben Island Workshop. This led to the Robben Island Guidelines for the Prohibition and Prevention of Torture in Africa, the first regional instrument of its kind.

Our work in the country continued with advocacy efforts to secure ratification of the OPCAT and formation of an independent monitoring body, or National Preventive Mechanism. In 2019, a significant milestone was marked as South Africa ratified the OPCAT. We continue to support the South African Human Rights Commission, designated as National Preventive Mechanism.

OPCAT Status
Data de ratificação do OPCAT: Quinta, Junho 20, 2019
Data de ratificação da UNCAT: Quinta, Dezembro 10, 1998
MNP Designado: The South African Human Rights Commission to be joined, eventually, by other institutions following legislative reform.