At the APT, we have been working in Madagascar since 2005. Fruitful partnerships with local actors led to the ratification of the UNCAT in that same year, drafting and adoption of anti-torture legislation in 2008, and ratification of the OPCAT in 2017.

Our work now focuses on assisting the National Preventive Mechanism and the effective implementation of the 2008 anti-torture law through education, advocacy and awareness raising activities. In 2018, we launched a new three-year pilot project with Madagascar’s Ministry of Internal Security to strengthen procedural safeguards against torture.

OPCAT Status
Data de ratificação do OPCAT: Quinta, Setembro 21, 2017
Data de ratificação da UNCAT: Terça, Dezembro 13, 2005
MNP Designado: Commission Nationale Indépendante des Droits de l’Homme