Terms of Reference

Graphic Designer Calls of Interest (Extended deadline)

(for designers based in South East Asia exclusively)

“Reducing risky practices leading to torture and ill-treatment in police custody in Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand”

I. About the APT

As the world’s leading organisation dedicated to preventing torture, the Association for the Prevention of Torture (APT, www.apt.ch) has contributed to increased transparency and independent oversight of places of detention. We provide expertise to support our partners and we advocate for greater action on the global stage. We now have evidence that a combination of concrete measures to reform laws, policies and practices contribute to reduce the risks of torture and ill-treatment and make societies safer for all.

The APT stands resolutely for societies without torture or ill-treatment. Our mission is to mobilise against torture through prevention; to engage key actors in constructive dialogue; to support national efforts to protect persons at risk; and to drive new thinking and analysis.

II. About the project

Together with its three implementing partners based in Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand, the APT launched a three-year and a half project, called “Reducing risky practices leading to torture and ill-treatment in police custody in Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand“. This project aims to reduce the practices of forced confession and incommunicado detention by enhancing awareness and practices that promotes rule of law, rights-based policing, accountability and transparency of authorities through stronger national synergies amongst civil society organisations, police authorities and national human rights institutions.

The APT’s implementing partners for the projects are the following leading civil society organisations:

  • Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM) based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Task Force Detainees of the Philippines (TFDP) based in Manila, the Philippines.
  • Crosscultural Foundation (CrCF) based in Bangkok, Thailand.

The project adopts a three-pronged strategy:

  • Increasing transparencyof police custody, through enhancing capacity and synergies in oversight of police detention. The expected result is for police detention to be open to effective and independent oversight and continuous dialogue with the NHRIs.

Primary change makers: NHRIs, National Preventive Mechanism

  • Improving police practicesby implementing safeguards and non-coercive interviewing. At the end of the project, police forces’ capacities will be strengthened to implement safeguards during first hours of custody. They will also be equipped with new skills and tools that will shift their practices and policing culture from condoning incommunicado detention and forced confessions to rights-based policies and practices.

Primary change makers: Police force and relevant authorities.

  • Empowering national stakeholdersthrough creativity and innovation to change members of the community’s mindset regarding police practices that are conducive of torture and ill-treatment. This will be achieved by increasing their awareness that forced confession and incommunicado detention is wrong and understanding their rights when arrested. Primary change makers: Art practitioners and youth

The European Union funds the project.

III. The Deliverables

The Deliverables are a set of 4 different products, that shall be delivered between mid July to early November 2021, depending on the products.

Product 1: A “logo” for the project. The specification for the final logo delivered should comply with the following requirements,

For vector files:

  • A full colour (CMYK) version
  • A full colour Pantone version
  • A black, single colour version
  • A white version
  • In Adobe Illustrator and EPS format

For Raster files (in RGB)

  • A full colour (CMYK) version
  • A full colour Pantone version
  • A black, single colour version
  • A transparent white version (for PNG only)
  • In JPEG and PNG files

Logo variants (optional)

  • Lock-up variant
  • Smaller size variants

Product 2: A one-pager infographic of the project, explaining the three main strategies, audiences and partners of the project, which could be formatted to accommodate Malay, Thai and Filipino languages delivered in PDF, JPEG and PNG formats.

Product 3: A brand identity of the project, to be applied to all materials and templates, which includes design for letterhead, concept notes and reports.

Product 4: Layout of a baseline study (documents of approximately 20 to 30 pages). The specifications of the layout will be determined with the graphic designer.

All the products shall be developed in English, and then adapted into Thai, Tagalog and Malay.

The APT exclusively owns the copyright to all products and design produced under this assignment. Graphic designer may display or exhibit the products and designs made as part of their professional portfolio with APT’s acknowledgement and permission.

IV. Timeline


To be delivered by

Product 1 – A logo for the project

30 July 2021/Friday

Product 2 – A one pager infographic

23 July 2021/Friday


Product 3 – A brand identity

15 August 2021/Friday

Product 4 – Lay-out

Tentatively 1 November 2021/Monday

V. Payment

The payment will be made in two instalments: 50% of the total amount of the consultancy upon signature of the contract and upon presentation of an invoice; and 50% after the delivery of all products, upon presentation of an invoice.

VI. Skills and experience

  • Degree in Graphic Design or related field
  • Expert knowledge in graphic design and graphic design software, including but not limited to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects and Final Cut Pro.
  • Work experience with the non-profit sector
  • Familiarity with social media platforms and knowledge of best practices for infographic design and visualization
  • Previous experience designing similar projects, including in multiple languages
  • Ability to plan, prioritise and produce quality results on time
  • Based in one of the three countries of the project (Thailand, Malaysia or Philippines)

VII. Submission of expression of interest

Qualified and interested candidates are required to send the following documents via email to Manachaya Yankittikul, APT’s Regional Project Officer, (at: myankittikul@apt.ch) by 15 July 2021:

  • Estimated costs for each of the products
  • CV
  • Samples of infographic and other social media visuals developed by the candidate
  • References from other clients - ideally from the non-profit sector
  • Short explanation of working methods and client relationships
Closing date
Graphic Designer