UN torture prevention body announces visits in 2013

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture finalised its last session of the year announcing the countries to be visited in 2013: Armenia, Germany, New Zealand, Peru and Togo.

In addition to those five visits, the SPT announced its intention to conduct a follow-up visit to one of the countries it had already visited: the country has not been announced yet.

The APT welcomes the continuing engagement of the SPT with National Preventive Mechanisms (NPMs). The SPT visits to Armenia and Germany will focus on the developments of their respective NPMs. The APT expects the SPT visits to Peru and Togo to be key in making progress in relation to the designation of their NPMs and adequate funding. The SPT visit to New Zealand will also be timely as it will coincide with the publication of a five year review of the National Preventive Mechanism.

In the context of the treaty body strengthening process, the SPT also called for more resources in order to continue engaging with NPMs around the world - and not only during in-country visits.

For further information on the situation of the OPCAT and developments of the NPM in the countries to be visited by the SPT, please refer to the OPCAT Database.