Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture Becomes the Largest UN Treaty Body

Friday, October 29, 2010

On 28 October 2010, the SPT membership increased from 10 to 25, and includes for the first time experts from Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, as well as the Asian and Pacific regions.

Gender balance increased sensitively, with 8 members out of the 25 being women. A wide range of expertise and professional experience is also now being represented within the SPT, as it includes medical doctors, forensic doctors, psychologists, professionals with national detention monitoring experience, lawyers, judges and magistrates, experts in administration of justice and management of detention centres and former police officers.

APT Summary of key information on the enlarged SPT

States Parties to the OPCAT elected 20 members from a list of 31 candidates. From the 20 members, 5 of them were re-elected and 7 were selected by lot for a two-year mandate.

The 20 members will take up their new mandate in February 2011, joining the existing five members.

The enlarged SPT comprises:

Name of MemberCountry of NationalityTerm Expires
Ms Mari Amos Estonia 2014
Mr Mario Luis Coriolano * Argentina 2012
Mr Arman Danielyan Armenia 2014
Ms Marija Definis-Gojanovic ** Croatia 2012
Mr Malcolm Evans * UK 2012
Ms Lowell Patria Goddard New Zealand 2012
Mr Zdenek Hajek * Czech Republic 2012
Ms Suzanne Jabbour Lebanon 2012
Mr Goran Klemencic Slovenia 2012
Mr Paul Lam Shang Leen Mauritius 2012
Mr Zbigniew Lasocik * Poland 2012
Mr Petros Michaelides Cyprus 2014
Ms Aisha Shujune Muhammad Maldives 2014
Mr Olivier Obrecht France 2014
Mr Hans Draminsky Petersen ** Denmark 2014
Ms Maria Margarida Pressburger Brazil 2012
Mr Christian Pross Germany 2012
Mr Victor Rodriguez Rescia * Costa Rica 2012
Ms Judith Salgado Ecuador 2014
Mr Emilio Ginés Santidrián ** Spain 2014
Mr Miguel Sarre Iguiníz ** Mexico 2014
Mr Wilder Tayler Souto ** Uruguay 2014
Ms Aneta Stancevska Macedonia 2014
Mr Felipe Villavicencio Terreros Peru 2014
Mr Fortuné Gaétan Zongo Burkina Faso 2014
* Existing Member, not for re-election    
** Existing Member, re-elected