Strengthening torture prevention mechanisms in Europe

Monday, April 18, 2011

Resolution and recommendation from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe: On 14 April 2011, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe discussed a report on 'Strengthening torture prevention mechanisms in Europe'. A resolution was adopted which recommends OPCAT ratification by all member States of the Council of Europe and National Preventive Mechanisms to be "fully independent and provided with adequate resources".

It also proposes strengthening the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) by providing automatic publication of CPT visits reports and election of CPT members by the Parliamentary Assembly. Such changes would require the Committee of Ministers to amend the European Convention (see also the recommendation). Finally, the resolution also calls for enhanced synergies between regional, international and national preventive bodies. The APT submitted a letter to all delegations to support the resolution and recommendation.

PACE Resolution

PACE Recommendation

APT Letter