Strategic meeting on the OPCAT in Africa

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One voice, multiples actions to prevent torture: Prior to the OPCAT Global Forum, the APT Africa Programme is organizing a strategic consultative meeting for Africa which will take place on the 9th of November 2011. The overall objective of the consultative meeting is to build on the momentum generated by the APT Dakar regional conference, which took place in April 2010. In particular, the meeting will offer a unique opportunity to conduct a critical reflection on the developments of the OPCAT in Africa, thorough an in-dept analysis of the implementation of the Dakar Action Plan.

The main objectives of the meeting are:

  • Encouraging participants to prioritize the prevention of torture in their national agendas;
  • Increasing the commitment to promote OPCAT ratification and to advocate for its effective implementation;
  • Furthering the promotion of public dialogue and joint action as a means to deeply understand the OPCAT system and effectively implement it;
  • Facilitating the replication of best practices and the conversion of challenges into creative solutions;
  • Converging national and regional synergies towards common priorities in relation to OPCAT implementation;
  • Analyzing trends and challenges regarding national preventive mechanisms establishment and discuss possible solutions based on the OPCAT provisions.

The meeting will take the form of an interactive and inclusive exercise which will allow participants to engage in the Global Forum debates with a strong foundation to build on and a clear vision which will guide their follow-up steps emerging from the Forum. In particular, the meeting will prepare for the regional roundtable planned for the afternoon of 11th of November, where all the discussions emerging during the 9th of November as well as during the first day and a half day of the Forum, will be brought to fruition.

Specifically, it is hoped that:

  • Participants will have identified trends and challenges and will have developed a clear critical perspective towards effective OPCAT implementation in Africa.
  • Participants will be inspired by the exchange of experiences, and especially best practices, and will be willing to integrate the preventive approach in their work.
  • Participants will have agreed on a regional strategy to improve the implementation of the Dakar Action Plan.
  • Participants will feel committed to take individual and institutional action in order to contribute to the effective implementation of the OPCAT in their countries.
  • Constructive relations between different participants will be facilitated in view of sowing the seeds of a regional movement for the prevention of torture.
  • Participants will feel enriched and eager to exchange their experience and best practices as well as the conclusions of the meeting discussions with actors from other regions during the Global Forum.

Concept Note