Romania: New delay to set up its NPM

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Despite not having submitted a periodic report to the UN Committee against Torture in 16 years, Romania has been granted an additional two-year delay on top of an already expended three-year postponement to put in place an NPM. 

This decision of the UN Committee against Torture became known on 9 January 2013, making Romania the only country to be granted the full five year delay foreseen under Article 24 of the OPCAT.

Romania cited “the objective difficulty to finalize the adoption of national legislation” within the initial three year period of postponement as the basis for its request for an extension. 

In view of its lack of any advancement to put in place an NPM, despite the staging of various national round-tables on the subject, the UN Committee against Torture has invited Romania to attend its next session in Geneva, scheduled for May 2013. This move is intended to take stock of country’s on-going progress to institute an NPM as well as to finally submit its second period report to the Committee, originally due in January 1996.