Research on effectiveness of torture prevention: phase 1 report available

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Can torture prevalence be measured? How have others addressed this fundamental question? In the report of the initial phase of the three-year research project commissioned by the APT, Professor Richard Carver undertakes a review of past and existing initiatives in this field and introduces the proposed research methodology for the subsequent project phases. 

A draft version of the report was discussed on 3 December in Geneva during a meeting of experts and academics hosted jointly by the APT and the Geneva Academy of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law.

The research project, which started in April 2012, aims to identify the key factors leading to a reduction in the risk of torture and other ill-treatment in a substantial number of different countries. In-depth research into the effects of various torture prevention activities will give greater insight into the impact of these activities. The research findings will, among other things, be used to develop effective evaluation tools.

Read the report of the first phase of the research project