Report: Addressing children’s vulnerabilities in detention

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Children are one of the most vulnerable groups in detention. This was confirmed by participants at the first Jean-Jacques Gautier NPM Symposium, organised by the APT in Geneva on 26-27 June 2014. The outcome report of the Symposium, which we are pleased to launch today, highlights the key issues, strategies, good practices and ways forward deriving from the discussions among participants.

Video: Odalis Najera, Peter Green and Adidi Arnould discuss the specific vulnerabilities of children deprived of their liberty and the role of NPMs to protect children’s rights in detention.

The first Jean-Jacques Gautier NPM Symposium focused on “Addressing children’s vulnerabilities in detention.” Participants recognised the important role played by National Preventive Mechanisms (NPMs) in protecting the rights of children deprived of their liberty, not only as monitoring bodies but also as actors for change and advocates for the fulfilment of children’s rights.

The outcome report of the two-day meeting is aimed at supporting NPMs established under the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention against Torture (OPCAT) and all those working to protect the rights of children deprived of their liberty. The report provides an overview of the context and key principles related to children in conflict with the law and deprived of their liberty, as well as the main risk factors and situations which need to be addressed by NPMs. The second part explores the role of NPMs in addressing those issues, both as monitoring bodies and as advocates for children’s rights, including concrete suggestions and examples of good practices shared by participants.

2015 Symposium on LGBTI persons

The 2014 Symposium was the first of a series of annual meetings for NPMs and other experts to exchange knowledge and practices on vulnerabilities in detention. The 2015 Symposium will focus on the issue of LGBTI persons deprived of their liberty.