Panama integrates torture prevention in training of penitentiary staff

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Over the past two years, APT has worked with the Penitentiary Academy in Panama, to train the trainers of future penitentiary staff on the prevention of torture, with a particular focus on detainees in situations of vulnerability.

The training was developed in close cooperation with staff of the Academy and piloted on three cohorts of students. It combines theory and practice and addresses in particular international standards on detention of women and LGBTI persons.

An outcome of the training will be the publication of a manual for trainers at the Penitentiary Academy, in Panama and the rest of the region.  The new training module will be integrated into the permanent curricula of the Academy, and benefit all aspiring prison and penitentiary officers.

The project concluded on 9 December 2015, with an official ceremony organised with the Ministry of Government, in presence of the Vice minister of Government and Vice minister of Security.

The APT would like to thank Canada and Switzerland for their support in the realisation of this project.

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Image removed.Closing ceremony. Photos: Ministerio de gobierno, Panamá

Staff from the Penitentiary Academy participated in a video for the 26 June campaign #TortureFreeWorld in 2015.