NGOs: Switzerland should do more to combat torture

Friday, July 31, 2015

On Monday 3 August, the UN Committee against Torture will examine Switzerland’s seventh periodic report. Since its last review, four years ago, Switzerland has taken significant steps to combat torture and other forms of ill-treatment. An important measure is the introduction of the right to a lawyer from the first hour of detention.

In a joint report to the Committee, APT and other main anti-torture organisations set out recommendations for more effective implementation of the Convention against Torture. In particular, Switzerland needs to include torture as a crime in the penal code.

The NGO coalition report is submitted by ACAT Suisse, Amnesty International, APT, FIACAT,, Child Rights Network Switzerland, OMCT and Organisation Suisse d’aide aux réfugies.

Joint press release 31 August 2015 (French)