New APT Asia-Pacific Fellow in Geneva

Monday, September 28, 2015

Gatot Goei, Deputy Director of Programmes at the Center for Detention Studies in Indonesia, is APT’s second Asia-Pacific Fellow. He will be working with our Geneva team for four months.

Gatot Goei joined the Jakarta Legal Aid Institute in Jakarta as a public defender in 2002 and later served as Head of the Research and Development Division. He has contributed to research on investigations using torture to obtain confession and on torture in Bali and Jakarta during the 2007-2008 period. In 2008 he took legal action against the Indonesian National Police and the Ministry of Justice, requiring anti-torture training and supervision of law enforcement. He has further been involved as a field researcher and author of a blue print for prison reform in Indonesia.

In 2009 he established a non-governmental organisation, the Center for Detention Studies, as a think tank on detention issues. This, he says, was inspired by the APT:

We have, among other things, collaborated with the Directorate General of Correction on improving prisoner’s living cost standards and better operating procedures relating to visitations”, he explains.

The Center has also suggested changes to avoid unnecessary imprisonment, to avoid overcrowding in prisons by strengthening the capacities of parole and probation officers.

The Directorate General of Correction has given the Center access to detention monitoring of all prison facilities in Indonesia. The Center has developed a tool to monitor the quality of prison services, using international human rights standards. The tool is currently used in 44 prisons in 12 provinces.

As a consultant in charge of drafting a Training of Trainers manual for law enforcement officials, Gatot Goei has earlier contributed to an APT supported project in Indonesia. He has also been involved in several other government initiatives related to anti-torture legislation and prevention of torture.
Gatot will be based at the APT’s Centre Jean-Jacques Gautier for the fellowship programme, from September to the end of December 2015. In addition to his advocacy and research work with APT, he will be participating in UN events and activities, building networks and gaining experience from the international community in Geneva.

At his return to Indonesia, Gatot will continue advocating for the prevention of torture with key stakeholders such as the parliament, government and civil society.

Asia-Pacific Fellow