Need for joined-up implementation of EU anti-torture tools

Monday, December 9, 2013

In a joint statement to Members of the European Parliament, the APT and fellow anti-torture groups are calling for a renewed impetus on the implementation of the Action Plan, which was adopted in June 2012, and runs until end 2014.

“17 months after the adoption of the Action Plan, the implementation of paragraph 17, which is dedicated to the fight against torture, leaves much to be desired. Unlike some other sections of the Action Plan, the lack of diligent updates on the implementation of this section of the Action Plan has demonstrated a “business as usual” EU approach to combating torture.”

One of the ways to prioritise implementation of the Plan is to reactivate the EU Council taskforce on torture and to engage it in “a regular and meaningful dialogue with civil society”.

A draft resolution on eradication of torture, which is currently being negotiated in the European Parliament, provides an opportunity to put the spotlight on EU pledges, and call to realise them. In addition to the joint statement on this draft resolution, the APT has written to the Rapporteur and key Members of the European Parliament. We have provided further suggestions and ideas for the implementation of the EU Action Plan sections dedicated to torture, as well as other important EU tools such as the Guidelines on torture.

Read APT's suggestions and comments on the draft resolution.