Mongolia and the Committee against Torture: 2 years counting down!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

With just two years to go before Mongolia is examined by the UN Committee against Torture in Geneva, the APT is delighted to issue in Mongolian its General Guidelines on Alternative Reporting to the UN Committee against Torture.

The document, released just weeks after an APT mission to the country, is designed to encourage civil society to contribute to Mongolia’s anticipated review by the UN Committee against Torture in 2015.  

As during Mongolia’s initial examination by the UN Committee in 2010, Mongolian civil society has a key role to play in providing the Committee with important information concerning the state of torture and ill-treatment in the country.

In late June 2013 the APT visited Ulaanbaatar for the purpose of raising awareness about this process as well as of discussing the outcome of Mongolia’s initial review in Geneva three years ago. During a two-day experts’ meeting national actors examined the many recommendations which emerged from this 2010 process with a view to assessing the extent of their implementation. The APT was joined by the Secretary of the UN Committee against Torture, Joao Nataf.

While in Ulaanbaatar the APT also held a training for around 20 civil society actors on the UN Committee against Torture reporting and review process. It is hoped that the training and the translation into Mongolian of key materials will support the Mongolian civil society to actively contribute to and participate in the 2015 review in Geneva.     
All these activities were co-organised by the APT, Amnesty International Mongolia and  the UN Country Team Mongolia, with the financial support of the Open Society Foundations.


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