Mauritania: National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture strengthens international commitment in Geneva

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Mauritania’s National Prevention Mechanism (NPM) was in Geneva from 22 to 27 July on the occasion of Mauritania’s periodic review before the UN Committee against Torture (CAT). Facilitated by the APT, the visit enabled the NPM not only to strengthen its engagement at the international level, but also to benefit from the experience of its Swiss counterpart, the National Commission for the Prevention of Torture (NCPT).

During their meeting with CAT members, the Mauritanian NPM’s representatives – its President, Dr. Mohamed Lemine Haless, and Member and Chair of the Committee on External Relations, Dr. Mohamed Ould Boubacar – were able to exchange on detention issues as well as to discuss the structural and legislative difficulties related to their NPM mandate.

This first exchange with CAT – the only treaty body devoting a specific session to dialogue with NPMs – was prepared with APT’s support. It should be noted that all the information and recommendations presented by the Mauritanian NPM were taken into account by the UN body. In its concluding observations, the CAT insisted on the obligation of the Mauritanian State to guarantee the financial and functional independence of the NPM, as well as to provide it with the necessary resources for its smooth functioning.

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Working meeting with the Mauritanian NPM in APT's offices; and their first session with the CAT (Photos: NMPT, July 2018).

In addition to meetings with several UN experts and other independent experts specialising in the field of torture prevention, the APT also facilitated a meeting with members of the Swiss NPM. This exchange allowed the Mauritanian NPM to benefit from its good operating practices, particularly on issues of administrative and financial management, internal organisation and work strategy.

The visit of the Mauritanian NPM was organised thanks to the support of the City of Geneva, in the framework of the strategic partnership that the APT established with the Mauritanian NPM since its creation in 2016. The APT will continue to support the NPM members so that they carry out their preventive mandate adequately.

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The President of the Mauritanian NPM, Dr. Mohamed Lemine Haless, reviews APT's annual report with Dr. Mohamed Ould Boubacar at the UN (Photo: NMPT).

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