European Union highlights the central role of NPMs in the prevention of torture

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The European Union adopted on 25th June 2012 a "human rights package" made up of a strategic framework and action plan on human rights and democracy, including the creation of a position of EU Special Representative on Human Rights.

For the first time, the EU has adopted an overall human rights strategy with clear objectives, action points, deadlines and responsible institutions for implementation.  Objective 17 of the 36 objectives of the action plan underlines "the role of independent and effective National Preventive Mechanisms". Given the importance of independent and effective NPMs in the struggle against torture, the APT welcomes this positive development after our disappointment of the lack of attention given to NPMs and prevention in the recent revision of the EU Guidelines on torture.

The HRDN NGO network, which APT is a part of, highlighted the need for the EU to move now to "a more transparent and accountable EU human rights policy". HRDN members have also underlined the need to complement EU action on human rights both at home and abroad.  


EU Strategic Framework and Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy

HRDN response to the adoption of the new EU human rights package by the Foreign Affairs Council on June 25