Election of members to the UN Committee against Torture

Thursday, April 18, 2013

On 1 October 2013, States parties to the UN Convention against Torture will elect five members to the Committee against Torture (CAT).

The APT has prepared guidance on the selection of candidates at the domestic level, and an information note on CAT membership, providing advice and guidance to national actors to identify and propose the most appropriate candidates to help strengthen the membership of the Committee.

In choosing candidates for the CAT, the APT encourages States parties to engage in an open, transparent and inclusive national selection process, taking full account of the need to choose independent candidates with practical experience of human rights and a high degree of expertise in the prohibition of torture.

The nomination process should ideally include a public call for candidates, and encourage civil society organisations, National Human Rights Institutions, NPMs and academic institutions to propose highly qualified candidates.

Nominations should be made by States to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights by Wednesday 26 June 2013.