Election of the members of the Preventive Mechanism of the State of Rio de Janeiro

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On the eve of International Human Rights Day, the six members of the first Preventive Mechanism established in Brazil, in the State of Rio de Janeiro, were elected.

This local preventive mechanism (LPM), established by law on June 30th , aims to prevent torture and other inhuman or degrading treatment in all places where persons are or may be deprived of their liberty within the territory of the state of Rio de Janeiro, according to the mandate provided by the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention against Torture.

The selection process for members of the LPM was coordinated by the Committee for Preventing and Combating Torture of Rio de Janeiro, an interinstitutional body comprised of 15 representatives of public entities and non-governmental organizations.  The selection process was opened by a broad and public call for candidates and included an opportunity for any citizen to challenge any applicant based on facts that could compromise his performance and the mandate of the LPM. Yesterday, the entities comprising the Committee for Preventing and Combating Torture of Rio de Janeiro voted openly on the pool of candidates presented and selected the members of the LPM of Rio de Janeiro. 

For the selection of the LPM members, the following criteria were considered: academic education, experience in the field, experience in carrying out monitoring visits to closed institutions, productive capacity and gender balance. The formation of the LPM of the State of Rio de Janeiro reflects the multidisciplinary approach for monitoring bodies recommended by international experts: the team includes professionals in Law, Psychology, Social Work and Sociology. Of the six members, the three elected with the most votes shall serve for a term of four years, while the other three will serve for two years. The model of staggered terms was established by law in order to ensure the accumulation of experiences and continuity in the membership.

Furthermore, through an amendment to the 2011 Budget Law, the resources needed for the mechanism to operate have been secured, including administrative personnel, computers and a car.


Law 5778/2010 of the State of Rio de Janeiro

Public call for candidates to comprise the LPM of Rio de Janeiro