Detention monitoring workshop for the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Thursday, May 31, 2018

In April 2018, the APT was invited by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights to conduct a workshop on detention monitoring for 20 staff of its Secretariat, in San José, Costa Rica. It was an opportunity for participants to strengthen their capacities to monitor places of detention, within the framework of the Court’s provisional measures.

The one-day workshop took place at an interesting time for the Inter-American Court, as it started conducting on-site monitoring in 2015, in order to check on the implementation of its provisional measures. Since then, two of such on-site visits were done by the Court, both in Brazil.

This workshop allowed participants to look deeper into challenges arising from detention monitoring and ways to address them. The workshop provided the space for participants to exchange experiences and views on the methodology of visits through the different steps (preparation, implementation and follow-up) and to reflect on their practices.

Training materials used included APT’s “Monitoring of Places of Detention: a Practical Guide” as well as APT’s database on human rights in prison, Detention Focus.

Staff members