Detention Monitoring Workshop in Brazil

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

From 18 to 20 June, the APT organised in Natal, in the Northeast region of Brazil, a training workshop on monitoring of places of detention for representatives of civil society organizations, Pastoral Care, bodies with a legal mandate to visit places of detention, such as the Community Council and the State Penitentiary Council, as well as law, psychology and social service students.


The objective was to train professionals and students who will be working on a project being developed jointly by the Federal University, the State Court, the Public Defenders’ Office and the Bar Association.

The project is aimed at providing legal and psychological assistance for people deprived of liberty as well as monitoring conditions of detention and treatment through regular and systematic visits to places of detention. This training, which used as its main tool APT's publication 'Monitoring of Places of Detention: a Practical Guide', derived from a series of six workshops organized by the APT in Brazil during the past years in partnership with the National Human Rights Secretariat. This activity was in part financed with the support of the European Commission.