Brazilian Congress adopts NPM law

Friday, July 12, 2013

On 11 July, the Brazilian Senate approved Bill N° 11/2013, which establishes the National System to Prevent and Combat Torture. This System creates two bodies aimed at monitoring places of detention and promoting the rights of persons deprived of their liberty: the Committee and the National Preventive Mechanism. The Bill, now awaiting the signature of the President of the Republic, constitutes a major step forward through which Brazil will comply with the commitments made when ratifying the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture in 2007.

The APT is confident that the Brazilian Government will create the necessary conditions for an effective NPM and guarantee, in particular, its functional independence, the independence of its personnel and the financial and human resources required to carry out its mandate. In that regard, the APT considers it essential that the selection process of the future members of the Committee and the National Preventive Mechanism will be carried out through an open and transparent process, with the participation of all interested actors.

For more information, see the full statement (in Portuguese) and the text of Bill N°11/2013