APT’s statements on country reports at the Human Rights Council

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The 21st Session of the Human Rights Council is now underway in Geneva. This week, the APT read statements on the floor of the Human Rights Council during the consideration of the Universal Periodic Review reports for Algeria, Brazil, Morocco, Tunisia and South Africa.

The APT also prepared statements for Indonesia and The Philippines.

APT’s statements focused on progress made and steps to be taken with regard to the prevention of torture in each country.

Webcasts from APT's statements:

Morocco review (Barbara Bernath):


Tunisia review (Claire Marty):


Brazil review (Maria José Urgel):


Algeria review (Claire Marty):


South Africa review (Marcellene Hearn):


The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is a process in which every Member State of the United Nations is reviewed by other States concerning human rights issues. Each State is reviewed once every four years. During the UPR Working Group Session the State under review makes a presentation and then the other States make recommendations to it. The State under review then will adopt or reject the recommendations either in the adoption of the report of the Working Group which occurs later during the Session or during the consideration of the UPR reports in the Human Rights Council.