APT Submits Paper to OHCHR Questionnaire on Prevention

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What is prevention? What does it mean in theory and practice? The APT has submitted a response to an OHCHR questionnaire on the conceptual and practical dimensions of the role of prevention in the promotion and protection of human rights. As an organization working for the last thirty years for the prevention of torture, the APT welcomed the opportunity to share insights it has gained in this field.

In particular, the APT emphasised that prevention is first and foremost a process that seeks to eliminate the risk of violations occurring through a holistic approach. The APT welcomes this initiative to reflect on the role of prevention - initiated by the Human Rights Council (Resolution 14/5) - and believes it can add value to existing efforts in the protection and promotion of human rights. The OHCHR is expected to collate submissions to the questionnaire and hold a workshop on the subject in the near future.


APT Submission to OHCHR Questionnaire