APT in South Africa

Monday, March 31, 2008

The APT visited South Africa during the first week of April for several national and regional meetings. On 1 April, the APT participated in the second meeting of the South Africa Commission of Human Rights' Committee in charge of exploring possible ways of implementing the OPCAT, which has been signed by South Africa. 

On 2 April, the African Commission’s Robben Island Guidelines for the Prevention of Torture (RIG) Follow-Up Committee met to develop strategies on how to better implement the RIG in Africa. The RIG Committee also met with the Chairperson and Members of the United Nations Sub-Committee on Prevention of Torture (SPT) on Robben Island, to discuss collaboration in Africa. 
Finally, the APT attended the Bristol University annual OPCAT conference which took place in Cape Town on 3 and 4 April. This conference gathered key representatives (both authorities and civil society) from the States Parties and Signatories of the OPCAT in Africa.