APT condemns attack against President of Local Preventive Mechanism in Chaco

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The APT is concerned by the serious attack on Mario Bosch, President of the Committee on the Prevention of Torture of the Argentinian province of Chaco, and expresses its solidarity with him.

According to a public statement issued by the Chaco Local Preventive Mechanism on 11 November 2015, two armed men broke into Mario Bosch’s house on that day. They handcuffed him, gagged him, beat him and threatened to cut his finger and to give him electric shocks.

The characteristics of the agression and content of the threats make him think that these persons could belong to the security forces. The APT calls on the local authorities to promptly investigate the case and on the National Congress to urgently initiate the selection process of the members of the National Committee on Prevention of Torture. This body will be instrumental in strengthening provincial preventive mechanisms in the framework of the future national system to prevent torture in Argentina.

Our statement (in Spanish)