News on prevention

EU, Argentina and Mongolia launch global Alliance for Torture-Free Trade
September 20, 2017
Summer University focused on monitoring of police detention
August 4, 2016
Switzerland - a vote that would undermine the rule of law
January 26, 2016
NGOs: Switzerland should do more to combat torture
July 31, 2015
Roundtable on solitary confinement in Switzerland
June 26, 2014
Swiss-Senegalese exchange on torture prevention
November 7, 2013
Immigration detention exchange with parliamentarians
October 18, 2013
Can Switzerland put torture back on top of the OSCE agenda?
October 1, 2013
NGOs draw attention to human rights situation in Sri Lanka
September 2, 2013
NGO coalition on Swiss UPR process: “Lack of courage”
March 14, 2013
Record overcrowding: Geneva prison is a pressure cooker
February 19, 2013
Reports raise concerns over practices in Switzerland
October 31, 2012
New experts elected to the SPT
October 25, 2012
Switzerland up for its second human rights review
October 24, 2012