Workshop and anniversary of the appointment of the Mauritanian NPM

April 20 - 21, 2017

20-21 April 2017, Nouakchott, Mauritania

In the framework of APT’s cooperation with the Mauritanian National Preventive Mechanism (NPM), APT is conducting a mission to Nouakchott both to celebrate the NPM’s first anniversary and to hold a training session on the NPM’s strategic planning and visits programme.

The visit consists of:

  • A joint APT-NPM event, in partnership with the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the OHCHR in Mauritania, to mark the first anniversary of the appointment of the NPM.
  • A workshop with the Mauritanian NPM’s president and members to discuss the key elements falling under the NPM’s mandate, including in terms of strategy, visits and monitoring of places of deprivation of liberty, visit reports and follow up.

The mission aims both to give more visibility to the Mauritanian NPM and raise awareness of torture prevention in the country, and to support and strengthen the capacities of the NPM.