Torture and ill-treatment

Questions for monitors

When monitoring bodies are faced with an allegation of torture or ill-treatment, has the following information been collected?

- full identity of the person making the allegation and the identity of the victim (if they are different)?

- details of the detaining authority?

- date, time and location of the ill-treatment?

- details about authorities involved in the ill-treatment?

- circumstances of the ill-treatment?

- details of any possible witnesses?

- detailed description of the ill-treatment and the physical and/or mental effects (what, how, how long, how often and by whom)?

- medical certificate and other evidence (such as photographs)?

If the monitoring teams include medical personnel, has the following been documented:

- physical evidence?

- psychological evidence?

- Need for medical treatment?

Have the monitoring teams collected information on follow-up actions?

- Who has already been informed of the allegation and what were the results?

- Is there a possibility for detainees to make administrative, disciplinary and /or criminal complaints?

- Has the person making the complaint authorised transmission of his/her allegation?

- If a complaint was made, what has happened? What were the consequences for the perpetrator(s) and the victim(s)?

- Any official response to the incident?

- Is the allegation an isolated case or is there a pattern of ill-treatment?