Inter-detainee violence

Questions for monitors

Is there a system of delegation of tasks to some detainees? If this is the case, which tasks are these and how are the detainees who are responsible for carrying them out chosen?

What is the detainee to staff ratio?

Is the principle of separation of detainees respected? What are the criteria used for separation?

Does the training of staff include courses on conflict management and dynamic security?

Is there an assessment of risks and individual needs done upon admission? Does such an assessment facilitate managing the placement of detainees within the establishment? Is the assessment carried out on a regular basis after admission

Are there effective complaints mechanisms in place for detainees that have been subjected to violence? Are these mechanisms used?

What are the least safe places within the establishment? Are measures taken to make these places safer?

Do some detainees refuse to go on walks? If this is the case, what reasons are given?

How is access to showers organised? Do the guards monitor the showers?


Are measures taken to avoid bullying or other forms of violence on detained minors? What are the criteria that would allow for children to be sent to the establishment?


Are accomodations made to protect detainees that are living with a physical or mental disability against violence committed by other detainees?

What measures have been taken to protect LGBTI detainees against violent acts committed by other detainees? Have these measures contributed to indirectly reinforce their stigmatisation?


Are some ethnic minorities, nationalities, or indigenous people more exposed to the risk of violent acts committed by co-detainees? Have measures been taken to reduce these risks?


Are women systematically separated from men? Are there any signs of violence, including sexual violence, committed by co-detainees? Have measures been taken to reduce the risks?


Do current rules include the protection from physical or verbal violence towards detainees, including sexual harassment perpetrated by co-detainees?