Personnel de santé

Questions for monitors

How many staff are based at the prison (physician(s), nurse(s), psychiatrist(s), psychologist(s), dentist(s))?

Which days are they present? (How many days per week? What schedule?)

What are health care staff qualifications and competencies

Are prison staff paid on an equivalent level to health staff in the community?

Do hospital specialists visit the prison?


Do gynaecologists visit women detainees? If so, on what frequency?


Do paediatricians visit minors? If so, on what frequency?

How are health staff recruited?

What initial and ongoing training do health staff undergo?

Are there regular exchanges with the community health services for support and training?

Are there mechanisms in place for the documentation and reporting of cases of torture or ill-treatment?

Are prison health staff under the Ministry responsible for the prisons or the Ministry of Health?

Are prison health staff trained specifically in ethical dilemmas that they may face in prisons?

Do health staff have any role in security or disciplinary measures within the prison?