Accès aux soins de santé

Questions for monitors

What are the location, size and facilities of the prison health clinic?

Is there a pharmacy stock and how are medicines ordered and delivered?

Are emergency equipment (e.g. defibrillators) and drugs available?

How many staff are based at the prison (e.g. physician, nurses, psychiatrist, psychologist, dentist)? What are their qualifications and competencies ? Which days are they present?

Do hospital specialists visit the prison?


Do gynaecologists visit women in prison?


Do paediatrician visit detained minors?

What are the links between the Prison health service and the national health service?

Are health staff under the responsibility of the Ministry responsible for prisons (such as Ministry of Justice or Ministry of Interior) or under the Ministry of Health?

Are Ministry of Health policies, programs and treatment protocols applied within the prisons or are there separate Prison health policies?

How do detainees gain access to the prison health clinic? Are there any barriers to this access such as having to pass the request through a guard or another detainee?

What is the waiting time between a request and being seen in the clinic?

Is anyone other than the health staff present during the consultation?

Are detainees restrained during the consultation?

Following the consultation is an explanation of the diagnosis and treatment given, and is the treatment available free of charge?

Can detainees be referred to local Ministry of Health facilities?

What is the waiting time for a routine referral or for an emergency referral?

Are restraints used inside the community health facility (during transport only or during consultations or during in-patient stays?)

How are the results of outside consultations transmitted back to the prison and what is the system in place for subsequent follow-up?

Is there a medical screening on arrival at the prison? Within what time frame is it performed, and by whom? What does the medical screening involve?

Is an individual medical file started for each detainee? is the file kept confidentially from the prison administration?

Do detainees with existing illnesses continue their treatment on admission to the prison?

Were any allegations or signs of ill-treatment prior to arrival in the prison examined and documented by the prison health staff? What happened to this information?

Do health staff routinely tour the prison premises to check the hygiene, sanitation, nutrition etc.? What action can they take in the event that problems are noted?

Are national public health programs such as the prevention, treatment and care of HIV-AIDS, Tuberculosis and mental health applied in the prison?

Are there programs in place to address drug and alcohol dependency?

What health promotion activities are carried out in the prison?