Outdoor exercise

Questions for monitors

Do all detainees in the prison have access to at least one hour outdoor exercise per day?

Do detainees in the prison have the same access to outdoor exercise? If there are differences, what are the reasons could measures be taken to ensure more equal access?

Are the areas for outdoor exercise (“prison yards”) suitable for genuine exercise and recreation?

Are prison yards large enough to walk around and exercise given the number of detainees who will use them at one time?

Are prison yards genuinely outdoors (not covered) providing the possibility of exposure to natural sunlight?

Are prison yards fitted with facilities for rest, shelter from inclement weather and equipment for exercise (e.g. ball game area)?

Are detainees provided with adequate clothing for outdoor exercise?

Are prison yards safe environments where detainees can move around freely?

Are there any reports of tensions, bullying or violence during outdoor exercise time?

How does the prison administration ensure safety during outdoor exercise time? How many staff are on the prison yards at one time? Is there additional surveillance, e.g. CCTV?

Are there any disincentives for taking part in outdoor exercise (e.g. exposure to poor weather, the requirement of paying bribes/corruption, lack of safety)?


Do children and young people have a minimum of one hour outdoor exercise a day, if possible more?


Are physical and recreational training activities provided for children and young people during exercise time?


Are adequate space, installations and equipment provided for these activities for children and young people?


Does the prison administration ensure that all children and young people are physically able to participate in training programmes?

Do women have the same access to outdoor exercise as men in prison?


Are detainees with impaired mobility able to access areas for outdoor exercise?


Are efforts made to ensure that detainees with disabilities can participate in recreational activities during exercise time?

Are LGBTI detainees able to safely participate in outdoor exercise (without the risk of bullying or violence)?