Clothing and bedding

Questions for monitors

What dress code is imposed in the institution?

If wearing a uniform is mandatory, is the outfit issued suitable for the climate and adequate to keep a detainee in good health? Is the uniform degrading or humiliating in appearance?

In cases where uniforms constitute the dress code, do some detainees wear uniforms of a colour that denotes a type of crime, behaviour or other particularity?

Are detainees allowed to wear civilian clothes when they are temporarily released from the institution? Are the clothes suitable for formal occasions such as a meeting with a judge or a job interview?

What does the trousseau issued to a detainee on admission contain? Are the contents checked to ensure that no clothing and bedding articles are missing?

When detainees are authorised to wear their civilian clothes what measures are taken by the authorities to ensure that they are clean and fit to wear?

Do detainees receive an adequate supply of underwear?

What washing/laundry service is in place? Is the service free?

What measures are taken to avoid the loss or exchange of laundry items?

What bedding material is made available by the institution? What is the state of cleanliness and wear of the bedding?

Is the condition of mattresses checked regularly? Are mattresses replaced if found to be in bad condition?

Under what conditions are bed linen changes carried out? Are the detainees present when they take place?

What is the state of the bedding in the isolation/disciplinary cells? Is the bedding designed to prevent self-injury and suicide attempts?


What are the provisions regarding bedding and clothes for detained woman accompanied by small children?

Can transgender detainees wear clothes corresponding to the sex of their choice?


Do people with a disability or reduced mobility receive support from the institution to meet their bed linen change and clothes laundry needs?


Are children authorised to wear civilian clothes at all times? Are the clothes adapted to the climate and issued in sufficient quantity?


Are people from minorities and indigenous people allowed to wear clothes specific to their traditions and culture?