Installations sanitaires et hygiène personnelle

Questions for monitors

What is the ratio of toilets and showers per detainee?

When the toilets are integrated into the cells/dormitories, are they separated by a door and/or a partition?

How is access to toilets guaranteed in the cells or dormitories if there aren’t any facilities inside?

Are the cells and dormitories without toilets provided with buckets? If so, how frequently are they changed or cleaned?

What is the general condition of cleanliness and maintenance of the sanitary facilities? Who is in charge of the cleaning? Are the detainees provided with cleaning products?

Are the sanitary facilities disinfected regularly?

What quantity of water is available to each detainee every day?

Is there a system of ventilation in the toilets and showers? If so, is it in good working order? 

Is a sufficient quantity of hot water provided in the showers? 

Do people in isolation have regular access to the showers and toilets? 

Does the architecture of the showers allow the detainees to have a minimum amount of privacy?


Are there signs that access to the showers is not fair for all persons in detention? Are certain groups discriminated against?


Do women and girls receive regularly, in sufficient quantity and free of charge, the hygiene products they need, including sanitary napkins? 


Do children in detention receive the products they need for their hygiene? Is good hygiene encouraged by the authorities by awareness-raising initiatives?


Are adapted facilities provided for disabled people to have easy access to toilets and showers? Do they receive the help they need from the staff to ensure a decent level of hygiene?

Are adaptations provided for detainees with specific hygiene needs or needs for access to sources of water because of their culture or religion? 

Are there signs that LGBTI people are discriminated against in access to the showers, or that they are the victims of abuse in the communal showers?

Do transgender people have access to specific hygiene products?